What is it about! to feel, to move, to love, to sesame, to loosen up, to tense, to go up, to go down, to lengthen, do not stop, to breathe, of pain, of passion. Dance?
I like to call it … life (Unknown).

About me

Marcelo Gutierrez is a distinguished tango teacher, performer, and competitor. His approach to tango is not as a self-taught artist, but as a disciple of great dance masters, including ballet dancer and Iyengar Yoga instructor Gerado Finn of the Royal Ballet of England, jazz pioneer Manuel Vallejos, and tango master Rodolfo Dinzel. Marcelo augments his studies with many other disciplines, such as modern dance, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and folklore. He finished in second place in the Tango Salon Championships in Buenos Aires in 2002 and recently finished as a finalist in the Tango World Championships in 2017. He judged the Crossover Dance Battle in Germany in the same year. Marcelo incorporates principals from physics, neuroscience, and psychology to challenge himself and the limits of tango. He offers his students the fruits of these experiences and his passion to keep tango evolving.

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