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Following are testimonies of some students:

Janice Wang
I don't usually write about tango things, but I had a really mind bending class yesterday with El Chino Tango that completely changed the way I think about "connection" and "embrace". Much to work on and think about. Dale!

Terpsichoral Tangoaddict
Marcelo El Chino Gutierrez, at class today:
"So notice what is going wrong here. If at the end of the figure, I try to pull the follower to get her to be upright in the close embrace, look how uncomfortable and off balance she is. But watch -- it's like magic. If I stand upright, if I straighten myself up; she will straighten up and change her posture too. It's pure empathy. I don't need to do anything to her. I just alter my own position and she will naturally copy me."

The cobras

Lessons for women who really want to learn how to lead, and do it well.

Marcelo Gutierrez "El Chino", with a long career of dancing and teaching behind him, is widely recognized for his unique approach to teaching, his ability to communicate his ideas and his focus on body-consciousness in the dance.

Following are some quotes from cobra students:

“ I am working more with my leading than with my following back home. Marcelo you should see how much the women want to dance with me.” Kathy Chan

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